Things to Know Before Hiring Catering Contractors for a Corporate Party

If you are planning a corporate event then buffet catering is definitely a more economic choice in comparison to per plate scenario. By hiring catering service providers in Delhi you not only get a chance to save some considerable amount of bucks but also can conveniently add more variety to the meals, which would be a great way of handling those picky eaters in your corporation. Normally employees appreciate when provided with a wide variety of eating choices and hence you make everyone happy at your corporate event. CatringServ-1 Here I plan to throw light on some important things that you must consider before hiring catering suppliers Delhi. CatringServ-2

  • Make sure to get in touch with only those catering contractors who have a fair amount of experience in dealing with corporate buffet catering. This is because; even the slightest error on the caterer’s behalf can ruin your image.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to get the exact headcount. I know it is quite difficult to calculate the exact number of guests but you will have to give a rough idea to the caterer. You can keep a margin of 5-10% while providing him with a rough idea. A little more food is always better than too little.


  • The next step is to determine the kinds of food that you want to be the part of the feast. You have to guide the caterer accordingly. You interact with your employees and clients on daily basis and hence you must be well aware about their food preferences.
  • Tell him about the exact time the party is supposed to begin and about the time when you want the food to be ready.

It is good to discuss all the details with your caterer beforehand so that he can provide you with the best services.

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