Which is right for your wedding- Buffet or sit down catering service providers Bangalore?

When you are getting married, it is important that the guests that you have invited relish the most outstanding dining experience. This is one of the most important days of your life and hence it is important to make sure that best meals should be served to your hungry guests. Now according to me, the first thing that you need to decide before hiring one of the best catering service providers Bangalore is the exact scenario in which you want the food to be served. Now here you have two options, you can opt for a traditional sit down dinner or you can go for a buffet catering. Here I will throw light on both the scenarios, so that it becomes easy for you to make the right choice.

Traditional Sit-Down Dinner Vs Buffet Catering 

  • caterers in Bangalore that are perfect at arranging traditional sit down dinner can be hired if you plan to create an elegant and more formal ambiance at your wedding. Whereas, on the other hand a buffet catering reflects a more casual and laid back scenario, where guests feel quite free and more comfortable.

  • Now as far as money is involved, the buffet catering suppliers definitely offer cheaper services in comparison to per plate charges. Plus in buffet you do not require serving staff which further raises the expense of a traditional sit down dinner. Another thing to know is that buffet meals are easier to prepare and involve fewer expenses.
  • If you need to pamper your guests then go for the traditional sit down arrangement, as in that case your guests do not have to put any efforts for their meal. This arrangement is more convenient as it involves less mess. The scenario suits best in case of children as well as elderly guests.

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