Latest Measures of Railway E – Catering Services in Delhi

Trial benefits of Internet catering service suppliers in Delhi were initiated by Ministry of Railways on 27 January 2015 on six sets of trains. This administration has been executed by the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation according to the entrustment.


This Act has made the simplicity of providing catering supplies for the travelers that they can make a call or SMS for their suppers to be served in their seat in the train enrooted. When this type of catering trial was succeeded, the formal dispatch will be preceded according to this trial report!

Catering Service offered to six trains on the trial premise is:

15707/15708 (Katihar-Amritsar Exp)

11057/11058 (Amritsar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Exp)

12497/ 12498 (Shane Punjab Exp)

14037/14038 (Delhi-Pathankot Exp)

12459/12460 (New Delhi-Amritsar Exp) and

14673/14674 (Shaheed Exp)

The nourishment will be served for the travelers structure the IRCTC Food Plaza or from station cooking units once the request for their breakfast or dinners. They are optioned with both veggie lover and non-vegan!

Five Food Nominated Stations are

New Delhi,



Amritsar and

Ludhiana just

Travelers need to book their dinner through call or SMS with the PNR numbers, so no one but they can get their requested supper once the PNR numbers are affirmed. Administrations are accessible just with the PNR numbers.


Accessible Toll Free Numbers are 1800 1034 139 (Toll free) or 0120 4383892-99 (8 lines). He/She need to give the PNR number, first which is to be affirmed (about their insistence notoriety, mentor number, train number, seat number.). The specific voyaging will then potentially be prescribed concerning the offered nourishment list furthermore their value ranges. The specific request will then be taken by furthermore accessibility alongside his cell number furthermore email-id.

Explorers likewise can mail a SMS for 139 utilizing configuration: MEAL (SPACE) (PNR). In the event that the SMS is procured and the PNR number is affirmed, the travelers will call down to take their request.

When the request is noted the traveler will expected to get the message through call or SMS as a conformational call or message which states about

Thing insightful request,

The PNR no.

The train no.

Mentor/Seat no. furthermore

Catering menu prices in Delhi.

Least booking time is 2 hours and the administration will be carried out on money down!


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