The Delhi Belly – Caterers in Delhi

Good food is the key to the heart goes an old saying. True that no matter however your day had been, a soulful meal makes it all better.A celebration sounds fun, a celebration with good food sounds more fun .Especially in the capital city of India that boasts to have a diverse culture, traditions, and most importantly mouth watering variety of cuisines.

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Delhi has a remarkable presence in the history and is one of the most happening cosmopolitan in the world .Apparently, the food in Delhi not only authentic Indian but also absolutely international.

Having said that,the difficult part is finding a good caterers. Sit back and ponder over the following points before you even start browsing through the list of top caterers in Delhi.

  • Plan your budget. Well, pre -planning on the cost before you even get to meet the catering service helps you pick the menu, food costs and other requirements a lot more easier .It also helps you understand about their services and presentation.
  • Visit the caterer By visiting the caterer, you can apprehend the cleanliness and the professionalism of the caterer. Having a genial caterer is way too easier than handling a gloomy one.
  • Menu Options Not all in the list of top caterers in Delhi suit your requirement, so discuss on the various menu options each one of them can provide. Always insist on tasting the food before it is being served in the event.
  • Cost of the service .The final and the foremost point to look for is on the cost factor, depending on the number of staffs and the presentation they provide.


Use these check points as a standard but yes, follow your gut reaction. If you think the catering services you think of considering is lackadaisical, move on to another until you find a best caterer in Delhi who can deliver all your requirements.



Checklist to Consider Before Finalising a Vegetarian Caterer

When you are the organizer of any event, deciding on catering services is a primary job at hand; especially if you have majority of vegetarian guests. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes that can be served at any special occasion. However, do keep in mind that not everyone makes the food tasty. Catering selection needs to be done with care.

catering food table set decoration

Here are few tips that will help you to choose the right vegetarian catering service –

The Right Balance

Vegetarian dishes involve many spices. The catering services you choose should know exactly what spices can be used for which dish and how much. Talk to them on this and check out how prompt they are. Make sure that you taste more than 5-6 dishes to have a real clarity about their cooking know how.


Vegetarian dishes cost less. This is a fact! But costs should not being any compromising act amongst the cooks. Get a written quotation from the caterers, inclusive of the serving ware, table set up, clean up and make a note of their cancellation policies too. Most of the caterers prefer a “per head” price quote, so finalise your guest numbers well ahead and clearly mention how many plates vegetarian delicacies has to be there.

Finalise the Menu with Specialisation on Vegetarian Dishes

In India, the menu differs depending upon regional preferences. A large component of our country is traditional vegetarians. So it is important to include a wide range of choices of the vegetarian recipes. In fact, if it’s a vegan dominated guest list, then exclusively choose veg caterers and have some vegan selection as well. Pakodas, samosas, aloo wadi, surali wadi can be good starters and dal tadka, vegetable curries, dry curries; paneer gravies make proper main course along with pooris and naans and some variety of rice, biryanis and raita.

Get the Most Out of It

To gift your guests a true well deserved vegetarian culinary experience, remain in touch with the caterers and don’t leave anything for the last moment. Make sure personally that no non vegetarian elements are being used.

Though the Nizam’s city is famous for non vegetarian delicacies, veg caterers in Hyderabad are equally famous and reliable. So search for the best services before signing the contract.

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Which is right for your wedding- Buffet or sit down catering service providers Bangalore?

When you are getting married, it is important that the guests that you have invited relish the most outstanding dining experience. This is one of the most important days of your life and hence it is important to make sure that best meals should be served to your hungry guests. Now according to me, the first thing that you need to decide before hiring one of the best catering service providers Bangalore is the exact scenario in which you want the food to be served. Now here you have two options, you can opt for a traditional sit down dinner or you can go for a buffet catering. Here I will throw light on both the scenarios, so that it becomes easy for you to make the right choice.

Traditional Sit-Down Dinner Vs Buffet Catering 

  • caterers in Bangalore that are perfect at arranging traditional sit down dinner can be hired if you plan to create an elegant and more formal ambiance at your wedding. Whereas, on the other hand a buffet catering reflects a more casual and laid back scenario, where guests feel quite free and more comfortable.

  • Now as far as money is involved, the buffet catering suppliers definitely offer cheaper services in comparison to per plate charges. Plus in buffet you do not require serving staff which further raises the expense of a traditional sit down dinner. Another thing to know is that buffet meals are easier to prepare and involve fewer expenses.
  • If you need to pamper your guests then go for the traditional sit down arrangement, as in that case your guests do not have to put any efforts for their meal. This arrangement is more convenient as it involves less mess. The scenario suits best in case of children as well as elderly guests.

The Most Effective Method To Recognize Great Caterers in Delhi

Not all cooks can furnish you with same nature of nourishment and subsequently it turns into all the more critical to pick the privilege one for your event. Presently on the off chance that you want to contract one of the best providing caterers in Delhi then I would prescribe you to check upon the accompanying things keeping in mind the end goal to verify that you have picked the privilege experts.


  • As we all know providing food administrations are about cooking the privilege sort of nourishment. Your venue may be brightened in the most remarkable way yet in the event that the sustenance being served in horrendous, your day gets totally ruined. Hence the expert that offers catering contractors Delhi must have enough cooking knowledge to arrange the menus according to customer’s inclination and handle expansive amount of sustenance.
  • Most catering service suppliers work with a group of cooks. Presently you should by and by contact the group too, keeping in mind the end goal to assess their level of culinary abilities. This is on account of; it is they who will be cooking the whole suppers.

3 (1)

  • The cook procured by you must utilize around date cooking systems and ought to take all the security measures while cooking. This on the grounds that on the off chance that some mischance happens while cooking nourishment, it can demolish your occasion.
  • Client administrations are an alternate imperative thing to check. You require thoughtful, obliging, and effective experts to handle your occasion feast. The cooks employed by you must have the serving staff also. The prepared staff knows how to serve the dishes in the best possible and considerate way.
  • Inventiveness is one of the real angles that permit a food provider to remain over its rivals. Contract a cook ahead of time with the goal that you can see his work, his method for displaying dishes, and so forth by going to no less than one event where he has been enlisted. You can likewise solicit him to give references from a couple of customers for which he has met expectations.

Things to Know Before Hiring Catering Contractors for a Corporate Party

If you are planning a corporate event then buffet catering is definitely a more economic choice in comparison to per plate scenario. By hiring catering service providers in Delhi you not only get a chance to save some considerable amount of bucks but also can conveniently add more variety to the meals, which would be a great way of handling those picky eaters in your corporation. Normally employees appreciate when provided with a wide variety of eating choices and hence you make everyone happy at your corporate event. CatringServ-1 Here I plan to throw light on some important things that you must consider before hiring catering suppliers Delhi. CatringServ-2

  • Make sure to get in touch with only those catering contractors who have a fair amount of experience in dealing with corporate buffet catering. This is because; even the slightest error on the caterer’s behalf can ruin your image.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to get the exact headcount. I know it is quite difficult to calculate the exact number of guests but you will have to give a rough idea to the caterer. You can keep a margin of 5-10% while providing him with a rough idea. A little more food is always better than too little.


  • The next step is to determine the kinds of food that you want to be the part of the feast. You have to guide the caterer accordingly. You interact with your employees and clients on daily basis and hence you must be well aware about their food preferences.
  • Tell him about the exact time the party is supposed to begin and about the time when you want the food to be ready.

It is good to discuss all the details with your caterer beforehand so that he can provide you with the best services.

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