Checklist to Consider Before Finalising a Vegetarian Caterer

When you are the organizer of any event, deciding on catering services is a primary job at hand; especially if you have majority of vegetarian guests. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes that can be served at any special occasion. However, do keep in mind that not everyone makes the food tasty. Catering selection needs to be done with care.

catering food table set decoration

Here are few tips that will help you to choose the right vegetarian catering service –

The Right Balance

Vegetarian dishes involve many spices. The catering services you choose should know exactly what spices can be used for which dish and how much. Talk to them on this and check out how prompt they are. Make sure that you taste more than 5-6 dishes to have a real clarity about their cooking know how.


Vegetarian dishes cost less. This is a fact! But costs should not being any compromising act amongst the cooks. Get a written quotation from the caterers, inclusive of the serving ware, table set up, clean up and make a note of their cancellation policies too. Most of the caterers prefer a “per head” price quote, so finalise your guest numbers well ahead and clearly mention how many plates vegetarian delicacies has to be there.

Finalise the Menu with Specialisation on Vegetarian Dishes

In India, the menu differs depending upon regional preferences. A large component of our country is traditional vegetarians. So it is important to include a wide range of choices of the vegetarian recipes. In fact, if it’s a vegan dominated guest list, then exclusively choose veg caterers and have some vegan selection as well. Pakodas, samosas, aloo wadi, surali wadi can be good starters and dal tadka, vegetable curries, dry curries; paneer gravies make proper main course along with pooris and naans and some variety of rice, biryanis and raita.

Get the Most Out of It

To gift your guests a true well deserved vegetarian culinary experience, remain in touch with the caterers and don’t leave anything for the last moment. Make sure personally that no non vegetarian elements are being used.

Though the Nizam’s city is famous for non vegetarian delicacies, veg caterers in Hyderabad are equally famous and reliable. So search for the best services before signing the contract.

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