Which is right for your wedding- Buffet or sit down catering service providers Bangalore?

When you are getting married, it is important that the guests that you have invited relish the most outstanding dining experience. This is one of the most important days of your life and hence it is important to make sure that best meals should be served to your hungry guests. Now according to me, the first thing that you need to decide before hiring one of the best catering service providers Bangalore is the exact scenario in which you want the food to be served. Now here you have two options, you can opt for a traditional sit down dinner or you can go for a buffet catering. Here I will throw light on both the scenarios, so that it becomes easy for you to make the right choice.

Traditional Sit-Down Dinner Vs Buffet Catering 

  • caterers in Bangalore that are perfect at arranging traditional sit down dinner can be hired if you plan to create an elegant and more formal ambiance at your wedding. Whereas, on the other hand a buffet catering reflects a more casual and laid back scenario, where guests feel quite free and more comfortable.

  • Now as far as money is involved, the buffet catering suppliers definitely offer cheaper services in comparison to per plate charges. Plus in buffet you do not require serving staff which further raises the expense of a traditional sit down dinner. Another thing to know is that buffet meals are easier to prepare and involve fewer expenses.
  • If you need to pamper your guests then go for the traditional sit down arrangement, as in that case your guests do not have to put any efforts for their meal. This arrangement is more convenient as it involves less mess. The scenario suits best in case of children as well as elderly guests.

The Most Effective Method To Recognize Great Caterers in Delhi

Not all cooks can furnish you with same nature of nourishment and subsequently it turns into all the more critical to pick the privilege one for your event. Presently on the off chance that you want to contract one of the best providing caterers in Delhi then I would prescribe you to check upon the accompanying things keeping in mind the end goal to verify that you have picked the privilege experts.


  • As we all know providing food administrations are about cooking the privilege sort of nourishment. Your venue may be brightened in the most remarkable way yet in the event that the sustenance being served in horrendous, your day gets totally ruined. Hence the expert that offers catering contractors Delhi must have enough cooking knowledge to arrange the menus according to customer’s inclination and handle expansive amount of sustenance.
  • Most catering service suppliers work with a group of cooks. Presently you should by and by contact the group too, keeping in mind the end goal to assess their level of culinary abilities. This is on account of; it is they who will be cooking the whole suppers.

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  • The cook procured by you must utilize around date cooking systems and ought to take all the security measures while cooking. This on the grounds that on the off chance that some mischance happens while cooking nourishment, it can demolish your occasion.
  • Client administrations are an alternate imperative thing to check. You require thoughtful, obliging, and effective experts to handle your occasion feast. The cooks employed by you must have the serving staff also. The prepared staff knows how to serve the dishes in the best possible and considerate way.
  • Inventiveness is one of the real angles that permit a food provider to remain over its rivals. Contract a cook ahead of time with the goal that you can see his work, his method for displaying dishes, and so forth by going to no less than one event where he has been enlisted. You can likewise solicit him to give references from a couple of customers for which he has met expectations.

Things to Know Before Hiring Catering Contractors for a Corporate Party

If you are planning a corporate event then buffet catering is definitely a more economic choice in comparison to per plate scenario. By hiring catering service providers in Delhi you not only get a chance to save some considerable amount of bucks but also can conveniently add more variety to the meals, which would be a great way of handling those picky eaters in your corporation. Normally employees appreciate when provided with a wide variety of eating choices and hence you make everyone happy at your corporate event. CatringServ-1 Here I plan to throw light on some important things that you must consider before hiring catering suppliers Delhi. CatringServ-2

  • Make sure to get in touch with only those catering contractors who have a fair amount of experience in dealing with corporate buffet catering. This is because; even the slightest error on the caterer’s behalf can ruin your image.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to get the exact headcount. I know it is quite difficult to calculate the exact number of guests but you will have to give a rough idea to the caterer. You can keep a margin of 5-10% while providing him with a rough idea. A little more food is always better than too little.


  • The next step is to determine the kinds of food that you want to be the part of the feast. You have to guide the caterer accordingly. You interact with your employees and clients on daily basis and hence you must be well aware about their food preferences.
  • Tell him about the exact time the party is supposed to begin and about the time when you want the food to be ready.

It is good to discuss all the details with your caterer beforehand so that he can provide you with the best services.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Photography Services

There are a number of benefits associated with the hiring of professional photography services. These professionals have the right kind of skills plus expertise that helps them in capturing some of the most special moments in an absolutely classy manner.


Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding or any other special event coming up in your life, I would seriously recommend you to hire the services of one of the best photographers in Delhi to capture the most memorable moments in a highly fashionable manner. But there are numerous choices available in the market and it is important to wisely choose the best one for your event.

Event photographers or portrait photographers are most suitable for anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, family reunions, etc. Considering a professional photographer for your event allows you to enjoy plenty of benefits. Some of the main benefits according to me have been listed below.

  • The services offered by professional photographers are available for a wide range of events. Whether it’s a corporate event or a personal one, these experts are skilled enough to capture the most memorable moments of each event, hence making it all the more special.
  • Another benefit of hiring a professional photographer is that they are well versed with almost all the famous styles associated with photography. Right from the natural, contemporary to traditional, they are perfect at a variety of photography styles.
  • Another great thing about these professionals is that they can present the photographs in various styles. Their captured images, when presented in an artistic manner, create a perfect magic. These days, there are a variety of impressive album designs are available that have taken presentation of photographs to the next level.
  • These professionals make use of top quality equipment, which can capture flawless details in the clearest manner.
  • They offer a wide range of packages that make their services affordable even for a common man.

Latest marriage photography trends in 2015

Photos captured at a wedding are timeless! They remind people of the best moments associated with the biggest day of their lives. Therefore it is crucial to choose one of the best marriage photographers that are capable of shooting a perfect marriage photography theme offering you one of the most beautiful wedding albums to cherish always. Professionals who offer wedding photography services in Delhi are quite creative and follow latest trends during wedding photo shoots. So here I would like to highlight the latest wedding photography trends that you can go for.


  • Celebrity style: As the name very well suggests, this type of photography involves some extraordinary and amazing red carpet poses. So it’s your big day and you have full chance to pretend as famous movie starts and have loads of fun.
  • Mystical black ‘n’ white style: Now this is one of the most popular wedding photography styles these days. With just a slight tinting and toning, the professional wedding photographer can make these black and white photographs look stunning and classy. This effect is commonly referred to as ‘Sepia Effect’ and expert professionals experiment with a variety of times to deliver something unique and fresh. This style looks exceptionally amazing when the photo shoot is done outdoors while taking some landscape as a background.
  • Deep colors style: Dramatic and low light is used in this style of photography to come up with deep colors. Amazing photographs can be captured if the wedding photo shoot is done at the time of sunset. This style is quite popular in the case of beach weddings.
  • Candid posing style: You must possess some acting skills if you are opting for this kind of photography style. Experienced wedding photographers are trained to capture candid photos by making the couple relax and act naturally and spontaneously.

Benefits Of Hiring Wedding Photography Services In Delhi

Any wedding is a compilation of small, precious moments that contribute in building relations and life. Therefore it is quite important to make sure that you choose one of the best marriage photographers, the one who is capable enough of capturing those magical moments in the most creative manner. So here I plan to throw some light on major benefits of hiring experienced wedding photographers in Delhi.


Marriage photography is a complex subject and requires considerable depth of understanding and skills. Therefore, the professionals that offer wedding photography services have years of experience and certain level of skills in capturing most appealing wedding pictures. Their experience and skills help them in making appropriate choice and decisions associated with perfect expressions and positioning of the subject, light conditions, etc.

  • Capturing beautiful pictures at the time of wedding is a real challenging task. This is because at wedding events, things like surroundings, area, themes and lightning vary drastically. Now the professionals make use of high performance equipments to capture everything in the most appealing manner. The devices they use make sure that every shot they take will be nothing but perfect.
  • Each and every marriage has different attributes and features. Therefore most professionals that offer wedding photography services are ready to customize their packages and services according to the need of the wedding arrangement.
  • These professionals have service packages for all sorts of budgets. They can help you in choosing the right package according to your budget. Plus they can assist you in choosing from different kinds of wedding photography styles so that your wedding photos are captured in exactly the way you want. They can help you in picking the album style that can your budget and requirements.

So, just choose the right professional wedding photographer to get the best wedding photos.


Foodie brides and grooms you’re going to love this super helpful post about wedding catering!

Recently I attended the book launch of  Style Me Vintage: Weddings written by the lovely and ever inspiring Annabel of Love My Dress. It was a fabulous night for so many reasons, one of them being that I got to sample the creative, delicious and beautifully presented delights of Kalm Kitchen who catered the event. ‘Yum’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Kalm Kitchen is an award-winning catering company renowned for exceptional cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, delivered with flawless finesse throughout weddings and events in London and the South-East.

And, lucky for us, they are sharing their top tips on choosing your wedding caterer.



When selecting a catering company you are looking for excellent food, service and the ability to work with the enormity of the detail involved in your day. There are certain key factors that you should discuss when meeting your caterer for the first time.


First and foremost you need to see if your caterer is available on the date you require and find out what the booking and payment process is. Be sure to understand at what point your date becomes secure and when payments are needed. The last thing you want is a sudden shock and unexpected bill just before the wedding.

We suggest that you ideally start researching and meeting with caterers at least 9 months before your wedding. Many venues may have a list of preferred suppliers, including caterers, so once your date is chosen and the venue is booked that’s a great time to start contacting catering companies.


It is important you get an early indication of catering costs and what they include. Ask about what options are available to you, if you are on a limited budget tell your caterer what it is – ideally they should be able to provide a package to suit your needs. Consider what is and what isn’t included in the price as often this can vary from one caterer to the next.

The big things to look out for are whether your quote includes VAT – you really don’t want to get stung if this is overlooked. Different caterers may or may not include tableware and linen hire within their quotes so make sure you run this past them as again it’s not something you want to have to find extra budget for right before the wedding.


When selecting your caterer you are looking for stunning presentation paired with sensational taste. Ask to see a portfolio of the caterers work with pictures of their food. It is important that your caterer has professional, commercial facilities and a team of talented individuals to serve your guests on the day. When meeting your caterer it’s advisable to ask about the quality and sustainability of the produce they source. Creating seasonal menus will impact highly on the quality and taste of you meal.


Check the caterer offers a tasting experience but be conscious that popular caterers will have limited availability throughout the summer season. A tasting will allow you to fully understand the quality, style and presentation of their food and gives you the opportunity to explore how your own ideas can be worked into their existing menus.


A good caterer should understand your overall vision for the day and listen to your ideas, they should be able to use their wealth of experience and build upon your ideas to go beyond your expectations for the day.


Choose a professional catering team with experience in delivering exceptional and inspired weddings and events. Use social media and websites to see what jobs they have most recently worked on and their presence in the catering market.


It is important to remember the importance a caterer plays in your day, with the exception of brides using a wedding planner, your caterer is likely to be the last supplier to dress your tables before the celebrations begin. At Kalm Kitchen we take great care to ensure that every element of décor – including the flowers, tablecentres and candles look perfect next to our tableware, we go above and beyond to ensure a couple’s vision is achieved on the day. It’s vital your caterer takes the care and time needed to achieve this.


Finally, service is extremely important, equal to the quality and style of your food. It’s important that you receive the upmost level of service right from your initial enquiry, through to your tasting session right up until the end of the wedding day itself. Your caterer should provide you with the enthusiasm, excitement and expertise your wedding deserves!

I think the point about checking social media / recent work is helpful when choosing ALL of your wedding vendors. A stale portfolio of work from weddings a few years ago just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

Big thanks to the team at Kalm Kitchen for sharing their top tips with us today! Be sure to leave a comment if you found this post helpful or if you need any advice on your wedding food and catering. We’d love to hear from you!

Psst…Did you see Jo and Jimmy’s gorgeous English garden wedding? It was catered by Kalm Kitchen and the wedding menu looked so delicious I just had to include it in the post! Go take a peek.

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A Perfect Wedding With Perfect Caterers

Wedding is one such occasion or festivity one can say, which is the only gathering where family, relatives and friends laugh and cry. This is one special occasion when two souls meet for lifetime. It is a huge gathering, so it definitely requires professionals to serve food during such a busy schedule. It is not only the immensity of the assignment that may make you consider employing wedding caterers in Bangalore. Not at all like your father or uncle, you are unrealistic to have room schedule-wise to circled and discover the best individuals or the best rates, whether for photographic artist, decorator or card originator. Also the days when relatives contributed are gone–they’re busier than you. Or better you can hire wedding planners, because no one else other than professional wedding planners have the expertise in arranging, organizing and handling a big assignment like wedding.

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So stop thinking about the restless nights of uneasiness of unlimited math and estimations and simply provide for us a call. Take professional’s help to search for best catering services, your relatives and guests shouldn’t starve during marriage, from the date of fixing of marriage till the time of ceremony rejoicing bride’s last moments at home with heavy heart is completed.

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Wedding caterers in Bangalore come into the scene the minute the date is settled. To begin with, there will be intelligent sessions with you and your family on arrangements and plan. After a couple of sessions, we will bring you choices under different heads like venue, topic adornment including blooms, lighting, stimulation, photography and videography. As of right now wedding cooking organizations come helpful. They can additionally help you get the best quotes from sellers to suit your financial plan, furthermore help arrange the rates. Once the merchants are altered, master caterers can additionally help by giving short clarification about the necessities. Case in point, there is expert and settled cooking organizations in Bangalore who will help amid the capacity, such as administering the work of the sellers to guarantee that the arrangements are steadfastly accomplished.

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