The Delhi Belly – Caterers in Delhi

Good food is the key to the heart goes an old saying. True that no matter however your day had been, a soulful meal makes it all better.A celebration sounds fun, a celebration with good food sounds more fun .Especially in the capital city of India that boasts to have a diverse culture, traditions, and most importantly mouth watering variety of cuisines.

top caterers in delhi


Delhi has a remarkable presence in the history and is one of the most happening cosmopolitan in the world .Apparently, the food in Delhi not only authentic Indian but also absolutely international.

Having said that,the difficult part is finding a good caterers. Sit back and ponder over the following points before you even start browsing through the list of top caterers in Delhi.

  • Plan your budget. Well, pre -planning on the cost before you even get to meet the catering service helps you pick the menu, food costs and other requirements a lot more easier .It also helps you understand about their services and presentation.
  • Visit the caterer By visiting the caterer, you can apprehend the cleanliness and the professionalism of the caterer. Having a genial caterer is way too easier than handling a gloomy one.
  • Menu Options Not all in the list of top caterers in Delhi suit your requirement, so discuss on the various menu options each one of them can provide. Always insist on tasting the food before it is being served in the event.
  • Cost of the service .The final and the foremost point to look for is on the cost factor, depending on the number of staffs and the presentation they provide.


Use these check points as a standard but yes, follow your gut reaction. If you think the catering services you think of considering is lackadaisical, move on to another until you find a best caterer in Delhi who can deliver all your requirements.



Are you in search of catering services for your wedding?

For weddings in Hyderabad finalizing good catering services has become great part of wedding decision. At any wedding the most important part involved are that the guests are to be impressed with the food supplied to them at your place. The best food at your function can impress their mind which in turn makes them happy with their blessings for the bride and groom.

catering services hyderabad

Today’s wedding is different from those in olden days. In olden times, wedding happens to take place in houses. There will be wedding canopies built outside the house where the marriage occur and food will be prepared in a place near to the kitchen of the house with many mud stoves built in. In every function the family members should be involved and supervised. But nowadays the complete system has changed. As such now the responsibility from the bearers’ side is far more reduced due to the advent of services for catering and banquet halls. Everything has shifted from houses to halls; self-cooking and servicing has been taken over by catering services. The only thing one has to keep in hand is the money based on the services.

There are many catering services in Hyderabad you can choose depending on the requirement. Decide on the menu to be served for your guests; the ranges from starters to dessert whether veg or non-veg and else more to be added to strengthen your buffet. Have a budget plan well in advance and get the cuisines fixed for the guests. Hyderabad always famous for its non-veg cuisine can offer variety of non-veg dishes in their catering menu.

Sulekha can help you list out some of the famous services in the city. Just browse through the listing for “catering services Hyderabad” and get quotes from the top rated and reviewed listing. Here are a few you can look into:

  • Quality Caterers, Kondapur
  • Orgeve – Events Simplified, Secunderabad
  • Foodmingo, Kondapur
  • City Chefs, Erragadda
  • Gateway Orange Cafeteria Pvt. Ltd., Hitech City
  • S.K. Caterers, Warasiguda
  • Ramyia Home Made Food & Caterers, Banjara Hills
  • Venkeys Veg Multi Cusint Restorent & Caterers, Nampally

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Checklist to Consider Before Finalising a Vegetarian Caterer

When you are the organizer of any event, deciding on catering services is a primary job at hand; especially if you have majority of vegetarian guests. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes that can be served at any special occasion. However, do keep in mind that not everyone makes the food tasty. Catering selection needs to be done with care.

catering food table set decoration

Here are few tips that will help you to choose the right vegetarian catering service –

The Right Balance

Vegetarian dishes involve many spices. The catering services you choose should know exactly what spices can be used for which dish and how much. Talk to them on this and check out how prompt they are. Make sure that you taste more than 5-6 dishes to have a real clarity about their cooking know how.


Vegetarian dishes cost less. This is a fact! But costs should not being any compromising act amongst the cooks. Get a written quotation from the caterers, inclusive of the serving ware, table set up, clean up and make a note of their cancellation policies too. Most of the caterers prefer a “per head” price quote, so finalise your guest numbers well ahead and clearly mention how many plates vegetarian delicacies has to be there.

Finalise the Menu with Specialisation on Vegetarian Dishes

In India, the menu differs depending upon regional preferences. A large component of our country is traditional vegetarians. So it is important to include a wide range of choices of the vegetarian recipes. In fact, if it’s a vegan dominated guest list, then exclusively choose veg caterers and have some vegan selection as well. Pakodas, samosas, aloo wadi, surali wadi can be good starters and dal tadka, vegetable curries, dry curries; paneer gravies make proper main course along with pooris and naans and some variety of rice, biryanis and raita.

Get the Most Out of It

To gift your guests a true well deserved vegetarian culinary experience, remain in touch with the caterers and don’t leave anything for the last moment. Make sure personally that no non vegetarian elements are being used.

Though the Nizam’s city is famous for non vegetarian delicacies, veg caterers in Hyderabad are equally famous and reliable. So search for the best services before signing the contract.

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Get The Most Out Of Good Services Of Wedding Catering

The food and beverages served at your marriage reception may be last you kept to be decided on the list; truth be told, you are more worried about other critical things like your wedding clothing, your gems and so forth. Nonetheless, one must not overlook that the picked wedding menu is absolutely critical for the visitors. But; it can be considered as a standout amongst the most evaluated parts of the whole occasion.


It might not be much tough to get Non-veg caterers Hyderabad, but may be tough to get good and desired expert cook from renowned catering services on the venue date chose by you.

Take time to read few tips before picking wedding caterers:

  • In Indian weddings, it is vital to not just get the taste right; it is additionally essential to consider the level of administration and also the time slip by between dinners served. When you get this offset right; you can rest guaranteed that your wedding menu will be cherished or condemned for years!
  • The selection of your Indian wedding food provider relies on upon the venue. Most dinner corridors organize cooking administrations alongside the venue’s adornments. On the off chance that, notwithstanding, you decide to bring your own providing food organization; do guarantee that you check with the venue administration. A few venues might likewise charge you additional for the utilization of their kitchen offices, so verify you get these things cleared in the first place.
  • An agreement signed by the caterer on paper must be acquired preceding enrolling the administrations of your wedding food providers. This citation will contain extra expenses, if any, for example, the costs charged for serving product and in addition the table setup and cleanup. Moreover, you are obliged to place a store to book the wedding cooking organization and it is basic to note their arrangements in regards to scratch-offs.
  • Most Indian wedding catering services company decide by checking the lists of guests or better say per-head count value cite so you have to conclude your wedding visitor numbers ahead of time.
  • Indian weddings have often meals served on table, and the servings are done by the cooking organization. In South Indian weddings, visitors are provided on plantain leaves, while in most cutting North Indian weddings you have a tendency to see buffet dinners. The costs can all change relying upon the sort of administration you pick.
  • And also, on the day of wedding most Indian’s don’t prefer non-veg food.  So, if in case you planning to hire non-veg caterers keep it for the reception day. Unless, it’s a Muslim wedding.

It is crucial that you work carefully with your wedding caterers to give your visitors a genuine culinary experience they deserve. It is a smart thought to shortlist a few wedding catering organizations before finishing one. Verbal referrals and testimonials additionally go far in guaranteeing that the best meal is served all through different functions, ceremonies and the Indian wedding party.

How to Identify Good Veg Caterers Hyderabad

Whether it’s a family get together or a wedding reception, throwing a part involves plenty of management. So if you are also planning to throw a party then one of the most important things to worry about is Caterers. Last week my husband invited two of his colleagues in dinner and they came with their families to dine at my place. Cooking food for around 20 people is no joke. I was so tired by the end of the day. So I well realize the importance of hiring Catering services for events in which you might expect hundreds of guests. In my opinion, there are a few things that can help you in picking one of the most appropriate veg caterers Hyderabad.


  • Reputed catering service providers always focus on offering their clients with fresh, hygienic and tasty food. In addition to this, they also try to provide their clients with a wide variety of dishes. When you serve your guests with a wide variety of dishes, it gives them the opportunity of eating food of their choice depending on their cultural and religious preferences. For example if you are a Muslim, then it is not necessary that all the guests invited by you are non-vegetarians. Therefore the best thing is to ask the caterer to serve various kinds of dishes both venerations as well as non vegetarians. If you are expecting foreign guests then decide the menu accordingly.
  • Presentation of the food also plays a vital role. The dishes should not only taste good but also be presented in a wonderful and appealing manner.
  • In addition to food, there are many more things that add to the success of your event. These days, catering is not just about preparing meals. Most caterers offer décor services as well. They can arrange for the entire event exactly in the way you want them to.

Finding the Apt Catering Services in Delhi for Your Fundraising Event

Last week I hosted a fundraising event and food was a part of it. So I spent many days before the event in searching for the appropriate catering services in Delhi. I wanted to make a wise selection as I knew how important it was to make sure that people remember my fundraising event in a pleasant manner. So I started my preparations much ahead of time.


I carefully selected the venue as the choices in terms of catering might get restricted with a wrong selection of venue. This is because last time when I had planned a charity event, the venue that I had booked forced me to make use of their in-house catering services. So this time I finalized a venue that did not have restrictions of any sort. Thus with the early finalization of venue I was left with lots of time to explore my options in case of catering service providers. As I had planned to explore maximum number of choices I kept a notebook with me to pen down the details then and there.

Before starting I created a list of all the vital pieces of information that I need to share with the professionals that handle catering services Delhi. You can include the following important items to your list.

  • Event’s date and time
  • The venue where the event has to be hosted
  • Weather there is the provision of indoor or outdoor catering at the venue
  • Whether there exists a kitchen on the site or not
  • What is the roundabout number of guests that you are expecting to attend your event
  • Dietary concerns such as (Kosher, Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc)
  • Clearly mention your alcohol requirements
  • The kind of style in which you want the food to be served such as family style, buffet style, food stations, traditional sit down meal, etc.

Arranging Hyderabadi Biryani as a Main Course Meal for an Event

When you are responsible for the arrangements of a large event or function, one of the areas you need to consider is catering services. The decision you make will also reflect directly on you and hence this is also one important reason for your careful consideration in making the right selection. If you have a large percentage of guests from out of town there is no better choice than to arrange a Hyderabadi biryani main course.

I would advise you to take some time to make out a list of the reputed and famous Biryani caterers Hyderabad. Spending a little time visiting their kitchen and tasting their food will pay off when the event is over and people appreciate the catering arrangement. Careful consideration of the accompaniments that will be served with the Hyderabadi biryani will also make a great difference to the final outcome. My recommendation is that you should also give some attention to details such as the dress code of the waiters and discuss how the food will be presented, the quality of cutlery and crockery and the other things that go along with it. This little extra effort will reap you great rewards later on.


A few other features that you also need to look into when selecting the biryani caterers is the cost aspect. You will of course have a budget and need to organise the best you can within that budget without having to compromise on desert or accompaniments. I would personally advise you to consult with the Biryani caterers as to what are the best option that you can fit into the budget, this may also help the add a bit of freebees from their side. You will be surprised that a lot of reputed caterers will give you better rates than the newer ones.

Outsource your catering to professional caterers

Hosting a party at your home can be quite stressful. There are many different areas of concern and one among them is the food. My best advice would be to outsource the catering to those who specialise in the preparation of culinary delights. Rather than burdening yourself with the food. There are many other arrangements that can keep your hands tied down and your mind occupied. It is the little things that are the most troublesome, so by handing over the larger responsibilities you can focus better on the areas that cannot do without your personal attention.

There are many Veg caterers Hyderabad and my advice would be to hire someone who you have dealt with earlier. Even caterers who have been responsible for the food at some function or party that you have attended would be a good choice. At least you have tasted their food and experienced their service first hand. The quality of service reflects not just on the taste of the food but in the way they serve, the availability of staff for help, empty serving dishes being refilled immediately without making the guests wait and many other small details. All these things add up to reflect on the service of the caterer. These are the features that are important to reflect on when you select a caterer.


I would suggest that when you choose catering services you need to keep in mind a few criteria.

Veg caterers that use good quality raw ingredients for making the food are an ideal choice. They need to maintain a high level of hygiene while cooking, this is very important because you don’t want your guest to suffer any food related ailments. Cost of food per plate is an important consideration and you will find that the famous reputed caterers actually offer very competitive rates.

How to get good service from Non-veg caterers Hyderabad

When it comes to food there is no compromise. I like to ensure that it is of the best quality. When you need to arrange catering services for a large function, it is very important to ensure that the caterers you hire will give you the kind of service that you previously decided upon. I recently took on the responsibility to host a party for a very dear friend’s wedding anniversary. The search for good Non-veg caterers Hyderabad was not a difficult one as there were dime a dozen. But I wanted this event to be something special and the food exquisite.


A bit of research and few recommendations led me to the kitchens of many caterers. Some of them were really impressive and I learned a good deal about catering and food combinations. I also learnt that when you have a budget, as we always tend to, you do not need to compromise on quality. If you are on a small per plate budget you should first select the Non veg caterers and then work out with them what they can give you in that budget to make the meal good. It also helps to let them know if there are a few important people who will be eating their food. To get a better deal you could remind them that their reputation precedes them. These factors will really help you to get a good deal within your budget.

With some advice from others I took the effort to discuss with the caterers about the display and how they will serve the food. I inspected the cutlery and crockery that they would use. I insisted on better quality serviettes and this made a lot of difference to the final presentation. A little extra effort does pay off and I would advise you to not compromise on this aspect.

Latest Measures of Railway E – Catering Services in Delhi

Trial benefits of Internet catering service suppliers in Delhi were initiated by Ministry of Railways on 27 January 2015 on six sets of trains. This administration has been executed by the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation according to the entrustment.


This Act has made the simplicity of providing catering supplies for the travelers that they can make a call or SMS for their suppers to be served in their seat in the train enrooted. When this type of catering trial was succeeded, the formal dispatch will be preceded according to this trial report!

Catering Service offered to six trains on the trial premise is:

15707/15708 (Katihar-Amritsar Exp)

11057/11058 (Amritsar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Exp)

12497/ 12498 (Shane Punjab Exp)

14037/14038 (Delhi-Pathankot Exp)

12459/12460 (New Delhi-Amritsar Exp) and

14673/14674 (Shaheed Exp)

The nourishment will be served for the travelers structure the IRCTC Food Plaza or from station cooking units once the request for their breakfast or dinners. They are optioned with both veggie lover and non-vegan!

Five Food Nominated Stations are

New Delhi,



Amritsar and

Ludhiana just

Travelers need to book their dinner through call or SMS with the PNR numbers, so no one but they can get their requested supper once the PNR numbers are affirmed. Administrations are accessible just with the PNR numbers.


Accessible Toll Free Numbers are 1800 1034 139 (Toll free) or 0120 4383892-99 (8 lines). He/She need to give the PNR number, first which is to be affirmed (about their insistence notoriety, mentor number, train number, seat number.). The specific voyaging will then potentially be prescribed concerning the offered nourishment list furthermore their value ranges. The specific request will then be taken by furthermore accessibility alongside his cell number furthermore email-id.

Explorers likewise can mail a SMS for 139 utilizing configuration: MEAL (SPACE) (PNR). In the event that the SMS is procured and the PNR number is affirmed, the travelers will call down to take their request.

When the request is noted the traveler will expected to get the message through call or SMS as a conformational call or message which states about

Thing insightful request,

The PNR no.

The train no.

Mentor/Seat no. furthermore

Catering menu prices in Delhi.

Least booking time is 2 hours and the administration will be carried out on money down!